Allgood Jazz Studio
photo by Faith Decker

Allgood Jazz Studio

The Allgood Jazz Studio is a private lesson studio with award-winning jazz vocalist Alyssa Allgood. Drawing from her vast experience as a performer and educator, Alyssa empowers her students to discover their voice, gain confidence, and take ownership of their creative vision. Lessons are designed to meet the interests and needs of each student, and may include vocal technique, improvisation, lyric delivery, songwriting, jazz style, theory, and piano skills.

Lessons are available worldwide online and in-person in Chicago.

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Alyssa Allgood has changed the way I sing for the better! I came to her during my senior year of college at Northwestern University as a classically-trained vocalist looking to pivot to jazz, and she received me with open arms.

She met me where I was at vocally and from the start, has helped me internalize and enjoy the nuanced techniques and puzzling paradoxes of jazz signing. Her tool belt as a teacher, performer, bandleader, and improviser is unparalleled and she teaches with firmness, grace and expertise. She is my role model in many ways and has helped me grow in confidence both on-stage and off, building skills for audition rooms, live gigs, and most importantly, productive practice sessions.

If you have the chance to work with Alyssa, jump at it!!!” Alexandra Maria Vollero
Student of 2.5 years
Alyssa is that special voice teacher you hope to find for yourself; she brings her knowledge of the music and her contagious enthusiasm to each of our lessons. I get challenged and supported, the very best way to learn.” Beth S.
Student of 1 year
Alyssa is one of those gifted instructors who understands the importance of teaching the fundamentals of vocal technique, and consistently incorporates these skills in her teaching of jazz style, improvisation, and expression. I have made steady improvement in voice quality, gained confidence, and, with Alyssa’s gentle encouragement, taken some important risks in advancing my technique. Alyssa is a patient and positive teacher.  I look forward to each lesson and enjoy the process of learning with her. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vocalist, I highly recommend Alyssa!” Laurie T.
Student of 1 year
Over the last three years of studying with Alyssa, I’ve come to experience what an incredible performer and educator she is. Like her singing, she is extremely attentive to detail while teaching. Her technical expertise allows her to give encouraging feedback and specific suggestions for improvement. She is the most inspiring teacher I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t be the musician I am today without her. Anybody who has the opportunity to study with her in person or virtually will benefit immensely on and off the bandstand!” Maggie K.
Student of 3 years

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